Dr Mccombs is very professional and always listens to issues and I get positive results from his treatments. Highly recommend him.

-Judy C.

I learned alot about my situation. I’m hopeful that I will feel much better soon.

-Margaret T.

Had my first appointment with Dr. Cislo and was impressed with her thoroughness. I look forward to working with in my healing journey.

-Jessica L.

Dr Cisco has magic hands and she knows all the trigger points on your body. I wish I could go to her 1 @ week. Being a senior after a visit with dr Cisco I feel young and have a lot of energy. Thank you dr Cisco for making me feel better.

-Marilyn M.

Great 5 star doctor!

-Barbara K.

I was welcomed in and treated with respect and professionalism. I truly appreciate having my appointment moved to early in the day.

-Diane L.

All medical offices should follow this office’ format which is welcoming and helpful. Dr Cislo listens to your concerns and thoughtfully provides her suggestions. I like that she doesn’t push her agenda down your throat even though she may disagree with you. Her adjustments to my body unfailingly allow me to leave feeling better. I always look forward to my appointments with Dr. Cislo.

-Jeannette F.


-Rex D.

Great service

-Rex D.

As I have often expressed Dr. Cislo is a true body whisperer. Thank you for keeping me healthy and aware.

-Hilda T.

Feel great!

-Jo R.

Success at overcoming my skepticism

-Roger G.

I was very pleased with my visit with Dr. Cislo and I found her staff very pleasant also. Dr. Cislo is very hands on and she pointed out some problems that I know I have but had not mentioned them to her or bothered to mention them on any prior forms I filled out. I was amazed she was able to tell I had these problems. I left her office feeling very hopeful and called a friend and told her she needed to see Dr. Cislo. I will recommend her to anyone and I have booked more appointments for myself. Great experience with this doctor.

-Marylin M.

I had pain on d side my L leg that even a touch hurts it. My grandson accidentally put his leg on top of it while he was sleeping n I had so much pain. After Dr Cislo treated it d pain was gone.

-Rizalina P.

Dr.Cislo was very informative about my medical issues. She seemed to be very concerned about the well being of my overall health and provided several ways to improve my health. I felt 100 percent better after my visit. Dr Cislo really knows her craft.

-Sareda T.

After one appointment my back and shoulder are better. Back surgery did not help. Glad I met Dr. Cislo and can not wait for my next appt.

-Gerald J.

Was able to move my head side to side with 1 visit. Was not able to do so before the visit.

-Emma N.

Always the best service

-Alan O.

Direct…open and to the point with heart and healing

-Jonathan S.

Dr. Mc Coombs – Always gentle but effective.

-Jo R.

Dr McCombs is a very knowledgeable medical practitioner. Plus he takes the time to educate the patient so they can actively participate in their healthcare.

-Linda S.

Fixed everything that hurt

-Carolyn B.

I went to Dr. S.Cislo’s office because of pain on my left shoulder and lower back. I felt a lot better after she manipulated my bones. She’s very professional and her staff are nice and helpful.

-Rizalina P.

I am absolutely in love with this doctor. She noticed many things other doctors never clued into right off the bat. I am excited to return soon, learn even more, and finally get better.

-Lessia B.

I like Dr. Cislo. I had pain on my shoulder and after 2 treatments the pain is gone. My lower back pain is getting a lot better and I am telling my friends her natural healing.

-Rizalina P.

Awesome as always, caring ,compassionate and that goes for the staff as well. (And Maggie is just a splendid addition)

-Thomas M.

The regular, highly skilled treatment I receive helps both mind and body to live with my condition in relative grace and balance. I am deeply grateful and recommend the practice freely to friends.

-Louise D.

Seen and understood for the process of my life journey this moment .

-Jonathan S.

I have neck pain that travels from my neck to my shoulder blade. I have had many chiropractors, and other osteopathic doctors work on my neck; no one is able to fix my neck like Dr. Cislo can!! She is the best!!!

-Kathleen L.

The work with Dr. Mc Comb is profoundly helpful. After many years of experience I’m inspired by all the qualities Dr. Mc Comb brings to his work. Beyond description. You can’t find his depth of knowledge and compassion any where. He is unique in all the forms he has brought together. I’m deeply grateful.

-Giovanna B.

It was amazing!

-Sofee V.

Dr. Cislo is my body whisperer. I visit her regularly with my limiting physicalities and she quickly discovers the cause, address it, then provides proactive advice and care to keep me going at my usual good pace. Thank you Dr. Cislo

-Hilda T.

Dr. Cislo always knows how to treat me and my last appointment is a testament to that!

-Dorette P.

Susan and Thom are both excellent doctors, I would give them my highest recommendation.

-Del L.

Dr. Cislo has treated my family for two years now and I’m so grateful for her care.

-Belinda S.

Dr. McCombs is a rare D.O. who understands and is trained in the energetic level and that is what makes the difference.

-Karyn F.

The staff are helpful and very pleasant. Dr Cislo is terrific

-Francine M.

Can’t say enough about this last year of care. These doctors need to be cloned.

-Barbara W.

Dr. Cislo is Incredible and always able to deal with any/all issues! Not sure what I would do without her expertise!

-Sandra C.

I am desperate and overwhelmed with my heath issues and my husband’s because I am my his caregiver 24/7 Dr Cisclo is giving me hope with her wisdom and knowledge to treat Alzheimer’s and the osteopathic treatments are amazing , I can see improvement in both of out health . I have been treated by an Ostethropatic doctor for 30 years but he retired and Now that I found this clinic I am so grateful to the point that I am bringing my son and grandson to be seen in this miraculous clinic by Dr Cisclo and McCombwe they work as a team which is wounderful . we do not have insurance for son and grandso and any sacrifice that I make to give the gift of health is very important to me , and as soon as my son or grandson do not need to come any more been young their health will be restore easier then I will be bring my exdaughter in law and hopefully as many love ones according with their heath needs and as I can afford . this is the miracle that I know that God gave me because of my Faith And Constant research open the window of the universe to bring me to this clinic to find the answer to my prayers . Thank you from the bottom of my heart And I pray that God the universe or who you identify with will protect you and give you the energy and enlightment to keep helping all of us your patients . Thank you.

-Alma F.